The Philadelphia Eagles host the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday and both teams are 1-2, but I have a feeling the Eagles are gonna pull this one out and I’ve already got my victory dance ready to go.

Here’s why I think the Eagles will beat the Chiefs in Philly:

1) Eagles are at home and they’re due for a win. Coach Nick pulled the worst play-calling of any game in history last week and he ain’t gonna repeat that – and if he does, he should be fired on the spot and forced to play Fortnite for 190 hours with no break.

2) The Chiefs are due for a win too as they’ve looked terrible, but this ain’t the week for them. They’re on the road in Philly at a time when Philly is hungrier than Andy Reid standing in line for a cheese steak at Jim’s (because Pat’s and Geno’s are trash for drunks and tourists).

I might be clueless and crazy, but I see the score being 27-24 with Eagles’ Jake Elliot cranking a field goal at the end of the game and regaining any confidence he lost last season.

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The Eagles have a road block though – and that’s the stupid play-calling they suffered last week where they barely ran the ball.

Here’s what they need to do, and I know this is like common sense, but if they run the ball 20 times and let Miles Sanders earn his paycheck, then they’re going to win. And if Jalen Hurts plays like Tom Brady and throws the ball away when he’s in trouble and doesn’t force anything like that whimpering crybaby Carson Wentz, then we’ll be solid.

Now here’s my winning dance if the Eagles pull away with a win.