You know how the Philadelphia Eagles are. They play great against good teams and terrible against bad teams. But they whipped the Cowboys last week and they’re terrible, so the Bird Gang stepped up in that case.

The problem is this – the Eagles sometimes get caught playing up or down to the level of their opponent. They do it at least once a year. This year, hopefully that loss was to Miami and they crush Daniel Jones and the Giants on Sunday.

But if they lose, we can’t say we didn’t think it was possible.

Wentz is a stud these last few weeks, pulling out the victories in the 4th quarter as needed. But that’s another problem – we shouldn’t need to win by the last feather of the bird. The Eagles should be good enough to beat teams by halftime and hold the lead for two quarters.

Of course, that’s hard to do when half your starters on offense and defense are out. Hard to do when there’s just guys who don’t seem like they want to be part of the Philly process anymore. Hard to do when receivers drop catches that college kids are making.

But here we are.

Last game of the 2019-2020 season and the Eagles face a win and in, or lose and go home situation.

I like it better when we’re 12-3, but if we get in and roll the dice with a team like the Seahawks, I ain’t scurred.

We gonna be on FIRE and they just signed Marshawn Lynch out of retirement.

He’s probably a chubby version of his former self and runs an 8 second 40. I ain’t worried about him, but let’s get by Saquon Barkley and Danny Dimes first.

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Frank is a Phillies and Eagles fan, gamer nerd (Destiny 2), and Dad who graduated from Kutztown in PA. He played lacrosse in college and the PBLA, the Philly box league that featured many top tier college and pro players. He now runs up and down the basketball courts in hopes of maybe scoring once or twice. He works as webmaster and advertising specialist for many big name websites outside of sports. He also thinks writing in 3rd person is dumb as shit. I wrote this myself bro.

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