The Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green warns the haters on the first episode of the Draymond Green Show.

He talks about the comments when people wrote them off and thought the dynasty was over after Klay Thompson went injured for a long period and Kevin Durant left the team from San Francisco, California.

The comments were mostly focused on how Steph Curry cannot carry the team without his all-star teammates, and that Green isn’t the kind of a superstar player who can help him so they can remain to be the team they once were.

The Warriors are now on an amazing 13-2 record, but Draymond says that there are 60 more games to play, so they don’t want to get ahead of themselves, but that they are aware that they have a great team and great chemistry right now, especially when Klay Thompson, the second pair of the famous Splash Brothers, and James Wiseman, come back from their injuries.

So he has every right to be confident as he is in this video, as the Warriors are right now on a good track to become NBA champions again, and Green is not hiding that at all, as he specifically made this threat by saying: “Don’t let us win a f-cking championship.”

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The level of confidence when he says this is just way too believable, so you got to hear it from him…