It’s November now, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about Don Lemon’s Halloween costume that went viral for all the wrong reasons. Don Lemon and his fiance dressed up like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. You know, it’s bad enough we have the real Joe Biden and Kamala Harris running America into the ground, so we didn’t really need a copy/cat to remind us about it.

Don Lemon posted the photo on his Instagram account showing himself as Kamala Harris and his boy toy dressed up as President Joe Biden. I’m surprised they didn’t have someone dress up as high gas prices, inflation, over-priced groceries, criminally high interest rates, or even one of Hunter Biden’s art projects. You know, there was so much more Don Lemon could have done with this costume to really drive the point home, but hey – my bank account and poorly performing stocks say enough. I don’t need Don Lemon or Timmy boy to remind me.

Well now, that’s a nice costume for Don Lemon and Tim! (sarcasm) What else is Don Lemon known for?  Well, Megyn Kelly was no fan of Don Lemon for quite a while. Kelly had some choice words to say about the former CNN host. Mike Sington on Twitter posted this comment about Megyn Kelly and Don Lemon drama, saying: “Megyn Kelly goes after Don Lemon for allegedly screaming at his co-host Kaitlan Collins, calls him a “d**chebag”, and says he should be fired. (Video: SiriusXM).”

If there’s one thing I personally think, in my grand opinion, it’s that Don Lemon is a notorious d-bag and he’s part of the reason that CNN ratings look like hot sewer water in comparison to Fox News. For example, you’ve got Greg Gutfeld over there at Fox New kicking you know what and taking names, Megyn Kelly is doing her thing with her show and making waves in different ways – but what is Don Lemon doing over there at CNN? Well, he got booted to a different show and it sucked right away. Anyway, watch that video below if you want.

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Frank is a Phillies and Eagles fan, gamer nerd (Destiny 2), and Dad who graduated from Kutztown in PA. He played lacrosse in college and the PBLA, the Philly box league that featured many top tier college and pro players. He now runs up and down the basketball courts in hopes of maybe scoring once or twice. He works as webmaster and advertising specialist for many big name websites outside of sports. He also thinks writing in 3rd person is dumb as shit. I wrote this myself bro.

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