If you were watching the Miami Dolphins host the Baltimore Ravens in a defensive battle last night, then you might have seen offensive lineman Robert Hunt catch a screen pass and rumble forward for a touchdown, diving and stretching his arm to get the ball to break the plane of the end zone.

Annnnnnd it didn’t count. Hunt was deemed an ineligible receiver and the entire play was wiped out by the referees. You see, what happened was Hunt accidentally caught a screen pass from Tua Tagovailoa and took it all the way to the house. The pass was intended for running back Myles Gaskin, but as he was rushing up to get it, Hunt was already there and caught it anyway. The rest was history! Hunt even dodged a defender on his way to flipping upside down and stretching his arm into the end zone.

Hunt is 6’6″ and 327 lbs running full force at people and it was a site to see! We need more big guys getting the ball! The linemen were all laughs after this one and it was awesome to see them having such a great time. Unfortunately, the touchdown didn’t count – but Miami went on to win anyway with a score of 22 – 10.


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