Here’s a video of a ‘Demon Grandma’ terrorizing someone sitting in their car, minding their own business. She walks up to the car, puts her hands on the window, and starts questioning the guy like he’s there collecting her taxes or something. He asked her politely, in his non-American accent, to pretty much get off his car and leave him alone. But that didn’t work.

He asks her to stop touching the car and the Demon Grandma from hell doesn’t take the hint. She gets WORSE and starts talking in a demonesque voice that had me thinking of Linda Blair and wondering if the grandma will need her own exorcism one day.

This raised the question on how exactly we’re supposed to respond when something wild like this happens in public. I think the guy handled it perfectly by recording her, not getting out, and realizing this is just some older woman acting like she owns the planet, but she’s not going to do much harm other than putting her greasy prune-juice drinking dirty hands on his car. Other than that, he did a great job recording her craziness for everyone else to see and respond to.

I think I would’ve done exactly what he did. Talk nice, record her, and share it with the world. If her head started spinning while she projectile vomited, then we’d have a bigger problem. While you’re here, enjoy the video of the Demon Grandma and share it with your friends. And remember folks, keep your hands off people’s cars. People don’t like that and if you do it, then you might end up on a video here! Watch the video below:

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Frank is a Phillies and Eagles fan, gamer nerd (Destiny 2), and Dad who graduated from Kutztown in PA. He played lacrosse in college and the PBLA, the Philly box league that featured many top tier college and pro players. He now runs up and down the basketball courts in hopes of maybe scoring once or twice. He works as webmaster and advertising specialist for many big name websites outside of sports. He also thinks writing in 3rd person is dumb as shit. I wrote this myself bro.

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