Two women got into an argument after the Cowboys and Chargers game and things escalated QUICKLY.

Dallas Cowboys beat the Los Angeles Chargers in the football game, then the fans got into a wild fight near the parking lot area of SoFi Stadium. Things heated up quickly and they took their brawling talents to the water. Fists, blood, and water – that’s what we’ll call this one!



And let me tell you how excited I am that the Philadelphia Eagles play the Dallas Cowboys next week. Cowboys are going into Philly and I can guarantee you that if there’s any Dallas fans in Philly, that they will not try to pull this same nonsense they pulled at SoFi. The Eagles fans will drop them like a bad habit and make them eat horse manure.

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As an Eagles fan, I can tell you from personal experiences that we are literally insane and Dallas fans won’t get away with this same thing like they did in Chargers territory.

Nope. Don’t bring that nonsense to Philly!! The mean green Eagles machine won’t allow it to happen.

It’s Philly vs everyone for us!

Also, we are very happy that Carson Wentz is gone. That bum just threw an interception on a shovel pass and has two sprained ankles. Thank you Colts for taking our trash!!

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