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Cowboys player caught on camera assaulting Raiders guard John Simpson after Thanksgiving loss

How did we miss this???

Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Trysten Hill was caught punching Raiders guard John Simpson after the Thanksgiving game!

This happened when teams met on the field for post-game handshakes, but the main cameras were focused on the Raiders players eating the smoked turkey legs.

Simpson was looking to his left toward players and coaches before he turned right. Hill then stood in front of him which was followed by a right-handed punch to his face, knocking his helmet off his head.

Simpson wanted to fight back but was held back by players and coaches from both teams, so it didn’t turn out to be a big fight. Dallas probably would’ve lost that one too!

Another scuffle occurred in the third quarter of this Thanksgiving game when Cowboys cornerback Kelvin Joseph and Raiders safety Roderic Teamer shoved each other out of bounds, which drew their teammates into the area near the Raiders bench. Players from both teams continued to shove each other until they were separated by referees, teammates and coaches.

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Joseph and Teamer were ejected, while referee Tom Hill had blood on his chin.