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Leaked video shows college football coach cussing out players, dropping a lot of F Bombs

If you’re playing college football for the Texas Longhorns (4-5), then you might have heard assistant coach Bo Davis lose his absolute mind following a loss to Iowa State. And just like you’d expect, a football coach who just lost sure ain’t happy and he’s not holding back on the language as he dropped an F-word laced tirade on the players as they failed to seal a victory.

The video is very low quality, but the audio is something you won’t want to play in front of kids unless they’re old enough.

But hey, if you’re 4-5 and haven’t won a good game all year, then wouldn’t you be mad too?


And just so ya know, Iowa State Cyclones beat the Texas Longhorns 27-7. It wasn’t pretty for Texas, so you can definitely see why Coach Bo Davis is ticked off!


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