Members of the Cincinnati Police Department were called to investigate a loose pig. Upon arrival, they asked if anyone owned it and it seemed like no one had any idea who the hog belonged to.

That’s when the brave members of the CincyPD jumped into action and placed a lasso around the neck of the loose pig and hauled it in. Where they’re taking it? We have no idea. Maybe they can feed it for a while and turn it into bacon. I’m sure there’s someone out there angry at this video because they’re just miserable with their entire life and they hate cops – but not us. This video is awesome and the Twitter post was even funnier.

Lucky for us, the cops got it on video and posted it to Twitter with a funny comment. The CincyPD said: “It’s not everyday we have to “lasso” a loose pig while on patrol. PS we’ve heard all the “pig”jokes before. You’re gonna have to be a little creative with the comments.”