Cleveland Browns WR Jarvis Landry was having some friendly trash talking and sent a message to former teammate Odell Beckham Jr, who just signed with the Los Angeles Rams after being released, going unclaimed on the waivers, and then being signed.

Landry was all smiles when he said on social media: “meet you in the SB brudda.” What are the chances the Browns go to the Super Bowl? Probably less than 1%. How big are the chances the Rams will get in the SB?  Pretty good considering they’re signing every big name they can find.

Either way, I highly doubt these teams get to the Super Bowl together. The Browns are an AFC team while the Rams represent the NFC. So technically, it’s possible but…. not by a long shot.

And when he’s not playing football, Landry is over here playing some Call of Duty…

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