Amid a longstanding concern and debate with many parents who felt their daughters faced a disadvantage, it was the state of Texas who passed a bill that requires students to participate on sports teams that match the gender they were assigned at birth. The newly passed bill essentially forbids the students to play on teams of the gender they identify with.

The Texas Senate voted 19-12, passing House Bill 25, and the legislation could soon become law. House Bill 25 was written by Republican Rep. Valoree Swanson.

As stated on the Texas Tribune: “The Senate floor vote followed a swiftly held committee meeting where a 24-hour notice rule was suspended and the Senate’s Health and Human Services Committee voted to advance the legislation. Under HB 25, students would only be permitted to compete on sports teams that correspond to the gender listed on their birth certificate that was assigned at or near the time of birth.”

The bill must be approved by the Texas House in order to arrive in the hands of Republican Governor Greg Abbott and gets closer to becoming a law, as stated by Daily Wire.

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