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Allison Williams defies mandate, will leave ESPN instead

ESPN reporter Allison Williams is leaving the network instead of complying with a vaccine mandate.

She’s been on the sidelines of college football games for about 15 years but that’s soon to end as she heads off instead of getting the jab heard round the world.

Williams expressed in an Instagram video that she and her husband would like to have another child and the COVID vaccine does not seem like a good fit for her at this time. She stated, as reported by USA Today, that she is “so morally and ethically not aligned with this” in her current situation of hoping for another child.

Her statement on Instagram said: “An update on my status with ESPN

I tried, unsuccessfully, to keep this brief and not get emotional.

Whether you agree or disagree with me, thanks for listening. I will not echo or harbor the hostility that some may feel toward my decision. Doing everything I can to move forward and stay positive ”

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Her emotional video is here:


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The couple does not seem confident in the vaccine when it comes to her health and getting pregnant, despite the CDC suggesting there is no evidence that the vaccines will cause any fertility issues in either women or men.