Make it make sense. The Atlanta Braves will host the 2025 All-Star game just four years after it was moved out of Truist Park over to Denver’s Coors Field all thanks to stupid politics. The move out of Atlanta was because of changes in Georgia voting rights laws, but that was politics and had nothing to do with sports, so the All-Star Game should have never been moved in the first place.

And here we are, four years later, putting the All-Star Game back in Atlanta – which is basically the league admitting what they did was STUPID and UNCALLED FOR. You want to know why it was stupid and uncalled for? Because we’re supposed to keep the politics OUT of sports. People who bought tickets to see the league’s best players were angry. They revolted. They couldn’t believe the All-Star Game in Atlanta was moved to Denver just a few months before it was to take place.

Imagine how happy the kids were when Dad got them tickets to see all the big names, then stupid politics ruined it for them. Now, years later, they’ll finally get to see their favorite baseball stars – but it’s not the same. The bad taste is still there because the MLB totally screwed that up. To make up for it, they should let the people who had tickets before get FREE tickets to the 2025 All-Star Game in return. There’s no other way to make up for their big mistake.

The news about the MLB All-Star game being hosted in Atlanta in 2025 came from Commissioner Bob Manfred who announced it at an owner’s meeting, as reported on ESPN. The report also said the Philadelphia Phillies will host the 2026 All-Star Game to recognize the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. But don’t get too excited, there’s always a chance the MLB screws that up too.  11Alive reported on the possibility of Atlanta hosting the 2025 All-Star game months ago… see their old news video here:

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